Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail,now upgraded to Outlook, but we are still able to create a Hotmail account (, or use a new email address Outlook ( if you want. Hotmail is free and creating a new Hotmail Account is very easy with few steps.

Hotmail Sign Up

This is a how-to guide that shows you step by step of creating a new Hotmail / Outlook Account. This account gives you access to Microsoft products like Hotmail/Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, and much more. 

Set up a new Microsoft Account (Hotmail/Outlook Account): Step-by-step

  1. Go to or It will redirect you to
  2. Click the "Create one!" link under "Sign In" blue button, or follow our direct link for Hotmail Sign up!
    hotmail sign up button
  3. Microsoft will require you to enter some personal information, such as your first and last name.
    create Microsoft account name
  4. Choose your username, and click dropdown list to select your prefer email address: or Remember username is unique and it's your email address, so you only can choose an available one. If you see the message "... is available", it means you can use that email address. Otherwise, you have to choose another address.
    create Microsoft account username
  5. Please choose a strong password to keep your account secure by using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. Your password is 8-character minimum and case sensitive.
  6. Re-enter your password.
  7. Select your Country/Region in the list
  8. Select your birthday, and gender.
  9. For security reason, you have to fill some extra information to keep your account secure as Country code, phone number and alternate email address. It's very important information to keep your account secure or to recover your lost password later.
  10. Fill the Captcha
  11. Click "Create account" blue button.
  12. In some case, Microsoft may ask you to verify your phone number before creating a new account. Check your SMS to get the code and fill it in the box. And click "Create account" blue button one again.
    verify phone number Microsoft account

Congratulations, you have created your new Hotmail/Outlook Account. Continue to login to Hotmail, see Hotmail Login tutorial.