Hotmail Common Sign In Problems

Hotmail login is not working? Find the most common Hotmail sign in problems listed bellow for the solution.

  1. I forgot password: go to Recover a forgotten Hotmail password
  2. I can't reset my password via SMS: make sure you give Hotmail your available phone number and you enter correctly the last 4-digits of your phone number. The SMS should be delivered shortly.
  3. I know my username and password, but I can't sign in: make sure you enter a correct username, password, email address, and make sure your account hasn't been disabled too. Don’t forget the "" part.
  4. I think someone else is using my account: if you still have access to your account, secure your account with 2-step verification. If you can't access your account, go to forgot password page to reset your password.
  5. If you've recently changed your password, but trying enter the your old one again. Please make sure you use the latest password.

Contact Outlook support if you can’t solve the sign in problem.